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Title: On the degrees of the non-faithful Irreducible characters in finite groups
Authors: Doostie, Hossein
Saeidi, Amin
Keywords: Minimal normal subgroups;Non-faithful characters,;Frobenius groups;Subgrupos mínimos normales;Caracteres no fieles;Grupos de Frobenius
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Universidad de Extremadura, Servicio de Publicaciones
Abstract: In this paper, we consider the degrees of the non-faithful irreducible characters of finite groups. We classify finite groups in which non-faithful nonlinear irreducible characters admit distinct degrees. Also we study finite groups whose non-faithful nonlinear irreducible characters are of degree a prime p and classify all of the p-groups with this property.
ISSN: 0213-8743
Appears in Collections:Extracta Mathematicae Vol. 26, nº 1 (2011)

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