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Title: A novel design of a SIW-Fed antenna array using an accelerated full-wave methodology
Authors: Gómez García, Alfonso
Rubio Ruiz, Jesús
Masa Campos, Jose Luis
Córcoles, Juan
Campos Roca, Yolanda
Gómez Alcalá, Rafael
Keywords: Teoremas de suma;Conjunto de antenas;Modos cilíndricos;Proceso de optimización;Modos esféricos;Guía de ondas integrada en sustrato (SIW);Addition theorems;Antenna array;Optimization process;Cylindrical modes;Spherical modes;Substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW)
Issue Date: 2022
Source: Gómez García, A., Rubio Ruiz, J., Masa Campos, J.L., Córcoles, J., Campos Roca, Y., Gómez Alcalá, R. (2022). A novel design of a SIW-Fed antenna array using an accelerated full-wave methodology
Abstract: Arrays fed by substrate-integrated waveguides (SIWs) are a current topic of interest. However, most designers have to rely on general-purpose commercial software, usually inefficient for multiple full-wave simulations in a design process. This work proposes a new fast full-wave strategy, with very low iteration times, based on the simultaneous use of addition theorems for spherical and cylindrical modes. After a domain decomposition of the array into fixed or modifiable (to be optimized) sections, each section is analyzed using a finite-element/modal analysis to obtain its general scattering matrix. Fixed sections are only once coupled at the beginning, while each optimization iteration is calculated with full-wave precision by adding the interactions with the modifiable sections. A complete design process of a novel 16-slot progressive-wave SIW-fed array is performed to validate the strategy usefulness. 112800 iterations, with 47 optimization variables, are calculated in under 4 h (speed-up factor of over 2000 compared to general-purpose commercial software). The designed device is manufactured and experimentally characterized, measuring a 1.05 GHz |S11| bandwidth under −10 dB and a maximum gain of 15.6 dBi at θ=−11∘ in the array plane.
Description: Publicado en IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation el 30 May 2022, (Volume 70, Issue 9, September 2022) con DOI: 10.1109/TAP.2022.3177505
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