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Title: Hilbert number for a family of piecewise nonautonomous equations
Authors: Bravo Galán, José Luis
Fernández García-Hierro, Manuel
Ojeda Martínez de Castilla, Ignacio
Keywords: Odas escalares lineales por partes;Solución periódica;Ciclo límite;Ecuación de abel;Linear scalar piecewise odes;Periodic solution;Limit cycle;Abel equation
Issue Date: 2024
Abstract: For family , we solve three basic problems related with its dynamics. First, we characterize when it has a center (Poincaré center focus problem). Second, we show that each equation has a finite number of limit cycles (finiteness problem), and finally we give a uniform upper bound for the number of limit cycles (Hilbert problem 16).
Description: Open Access funding provided thanks to the CRUE-CSIC agreement with Springer Nature
ISSN: 1575-5460
DOI: 10.1007/s12346-023-00922-9
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