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Title: Analysis of uncertainty in a middle-cost device for 3D measurements in BIM perspective
Authors: Sánchez Ríos, Alonso
Naranjo Gómez, José Manuel
Jiménez Serrano, Antonio
González González, Alfonso
Keywords: Fotogrametría;Nube de puntos;Incertidumbre;Ajuste restringido de mínimos cuadrados;Coste medio por dispositivo;Photogrammetry;Point clouds;Uncertainty;Constrained least squares adjustment;Middle-cost device
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Medium-cost devices equipped with sensors are being developed to get 3D measurements. Some allow for generating geometric models and point clouds. Nevertheless, the accuracy of these measurements should be evaluated, taking into account the requirements of the Building Information Model (BIM). This paper analyzes the uncertainty in outdoor/indoor three-dimensional coordinate measures and point clouds (using Spherical Accuracy Standard (SAS) methods) for Eyes Map, a medium-cost tablet manufactured by e-Capture Research & Development Company, Mérida, Spain. To achieve it, in outdoor tests, by means of this device, the coordinates of targets were measured from 1 to 6 m and cloud points were obtained. Subsequently, these were compared to the coordinates of the same targets measured by a Total Station. The Euclidean average distance error was 0.005–0.027 m for measurements by Photogrammetry and 0.013–0.021 m for the point clouds. All of them satisfy the tolerance for point cloud acquisition (0.051 m) according to the BIM Guide for 3D Imaging (General Services Administration); similar results are obtained in the indoor tests, with values of 0.022 m. In this paper, we establish the optimal distances for the observations in both, Photogrammetry and 3D Photomodeling modes (outdoor) and point out some working conditions to avoid in indoor environments. Finally, the authors discuss some recommendations for improving the performance and working methods of the device.
ISSN: 1424-8220
DOI: 10.3390/s16101557
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