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Title: Cheiracanthium ilicis sp. n. (Araneae, Eutichuridae), a novel spider species associated with Holm Oaks (Quercus ilex)
Authors: Morano Hernández, Eduardo
Bonal Andrés, Raúl
Keywords: Cheiracanthium ilicis sp. n.;Taxonomía del DNA;Península Ibérica;Árboles aislados;Filogenia molecular;DNA taxonomy;Iberian peninsula;Isolated trees;Molecular phylogeny
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Pensoft
Abstract: We describe a novel species Cheiracanthium ilicis sp. n. (Araneae, Eutichuridae) collected in the province of Toledo (Central Spain). It was found during a systematic sampling campaign carried out in an agricultural landscape with isolated Holm oaks Quercus ilex and small forest patches. Its morphology and affinities with other species of the genus are discussed. Furthermore, one mitochondrial gene was sequenced to confirm species membership and its differentiation from other Cheiracanthium species. The molecular phylogenies based on mitochondrial and nuclear genes showed a close relationship of C. ilicis sp. n. with C. inclusum and C. mildei, with which it also shares morphological similarities. Nonetheless, the sparse sampling of the phylogeny, due to the low number of sequences available, impedes drawing any definitive conclusion about these relationships; it is first necessary to perform an extensive review of the genus worldwide and more thorough phylogenies. C. ilicis sp. n. also shares certain ecological and phenological characteristics with C. inclusum and C. mildei. Like them, C. ilicis sp. n. is an obligate tree dweller that prefers a tree canopy habitat and reproduces primarily in late spring and summer. From a conservation perspective, the present study suggests the need to preserve isolated trees in agricultural landscapes. They are not only the refuge of common forest organisms but also of novel species yet to be discovered.
ISSN: 1313-2989
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.601.8241
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