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Title: The influence of management and construction methods in the repair costs of Spain's low-volume road network
Authors: Gallego Vázquez, Eutiquio
Moya Ignacio, Manuel
Ayuga Téllez, Esperanza
García García, Ana Isabel
Ayuga Téllez, Francisco
Keywords: Carreteras de bajo nivel;Estado de las carreteras;Planificación de carreteras;Mantenimiento de carreteras;Costes de carreteras;Low-volumen roads;Road condition;Road planning;Maintenance;Funding
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: PAGEpress
Abstract: This paper describes the entire process of the implementation of the Spanish low volume road network, including the design criteria, the construction techniques and the management policies during all the periods. The current situation of low volume roads in Spain was analyzed with respect to the legal framework and their actual condition. In addition, the budget required for the repair of 41 low volume roads throughout Spain was calculated in order to statistically analyze the influence of the pavement materials and the period of construction. The main conclusions were that low volume roads constructed during the 1970´s are currently those in the best state of repair and those requiring the lower repair costs, even lower than those constructed after 1980´s. In addition, low volume roads constructed with higher quality materials and using standardized techniques required five times lower repair costs than those made of lower quality materials.
ISSN: 1974-7071
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