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Title: La vida cotidiana como recurso didáctico y fuente de investigación en las Ciencias Sociales
Other Titles: Everyday life as a didactic resource and a researching source in Social Sciences
Authors: González Cortés, José Ramón
Keywords: Cotidianeidad;Historias y documentos familiares;Talleres didácticos;Everyday life;Domestic histories and stories;Didactic workshop
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Junta de Extremadura
Series/Report no.: Tejuelo Monográfico;4
Abstract: La vida cotidiana constituye un recurso didáctico y una fuente de investigación de primer orden para las Ciencias Sociales. Introducir la vida cotidiana en el aula es posible si ahondamos en las intrahistorias familiares, ese patrimonio intangible (y que irremediablemente se pierde) que sirve para profundizar en el conocimiento de las formas de vida del entorno próximo (vida cotidiana, cultura material, música popular, cultura visual, juegos infantiles, tradiciones, sociabilidad, relaciones de poder).
Everyday life can be used as a powerful didactic resource as well as a researching source for Social Sciences. Using “Everyday Life” in the classroom is made possible by paying special attention to the domestic stories wich compose the history of every family. These stories are part of an unwritten heritage that will be eventually forgotten if it is not used. When it is used it helps people acquire a better knowledge of their nearest social environment in fields like everyday life, culture of materials, popular music, visual culture, children games, traditions, sociability and hierarchical relations.
ISSN: 1988-8430
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