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Title: Comments on “Efficacy and safety assessment of acupuncture and nimodipine to treat mild cognitive impairment after cerebral infarction: a randomized controlled trial"
Authors: Morán García, José María
Pedrera Zamorano, Juan Diego
Keywords: Acupuntura;Nimodipina;Deterioro cognitivo leve;Acupuncture;Nimodipine;Treat mild cognitive
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: BioMed Central
Abstract: Carta el editor de BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, en la que los autores muestran los resultados de aplicar apucuntura y nimodipina en el tratamiento del deterioro cognitivo leve en personas que han sufrido un infarto cerebral.
Letter from the editor of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, in which the authors show the results of applying apuncture and nimodipine in the treatment of mild cognitive impairment in people who have suffered a cerebral infarction.
ISSN: 1472-6882
DOI: 10.1186/s12906-017-1629-z
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