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Title: On LS-category of a family of rational elliptic spaces II
Authors: Boutahir, Khalid
Rami, Youssef
Keywords: Elliptic spaces;Lusternik-Schnirelman category;Toomer invariant;Espacios elípticos;Categoría Lusternik-Schnirelman;Invariante Toomer
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universidad de Extremadura
Abstract: Let X be a finite type simply connected rationally elliptic CW-complex with Sullivan minimal model (ɅV; d) and let k ⩾ 2 the biggest integer such that d=∑_(i⩾k)▒dᵢ with d_i(V ) ⊆ Ʌ^iV. If (ɅV; d_k) is moreover elliptic then cat(ɅV, d) = cat(ɅV,d_k) = dim(V^even)(k ⧿ 2) + dim(V^odd). Our work aims to give an almost explicit formula of LS-category of such spaces in the case when k ⩾ 3 and when (ɅV;d_k) is not necessarily elliptic.
Appears in Collections:Extracta Mathematicae Vol. 31, nº 2 (2016)

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