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Title: Improvements on the carrier-based control method for a three-level T-type, quasi-impedance-source inverter
Authors: Barrero González, Fermín
Roncero Clemente, Carlos
Milanés Montero, María Isabel
González Romera, Eva
Romero Cadaval, Enrique
Husev, Oleksandr
Pires, V. Fernão
Keywords: Convertidores de fuente de impedancia;Multinivel;Modulación de ancho de pulso (PWM);Inversor de tipo T;Inversor de fuente de cuasi-impedancia (3L-T-type qZS inverter);Impedance-source converters;Multilevel;Pulse width modulation (PWM);T-type inverter;three-level T-type, quasi-impedance-source inverter (3L-T-type qZS inverter)
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: The boost feature that characterizes Z-source and quasi-Z-source converters is usually achieved by means of a proper insertion of short-circuit states in the full DC-link. In this work, a novel pulse width modulation carrier-based strategy for a three-phase, three-level T-type, quasi-Z-source inverter is introduced, based on the addition of alternate short-circuits in the two halves of the DC-link bus. This technique achieves better performance, less electromagnetic interference, and lower harmonic distortion of the output line-to-line voltage compared to the traditional methods based on the full DC-link shoot-through. At the same time, generating the switching states is to easy implement. The proposed strategy permits the use of electronic devices with lower blocking voltage capability, thus improving converter reliability, size, and cost. The new method may be implemented in another multilevel inverter with an impedance-source network as well. A comprehensive simulation study is performed in order to validate the adopted method, with different inverter input voltages, which is taken as representative of a photovoltaic array. Comparisons are conducted with conventional strategy insertions using the same topology in order to show the improvements achieved.
DOI: 10.3390/electronics8060677
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