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Title: Analysis and intervention of student knowledge of nutrition and sexuality and a penal institution
Authors: Pozo Tamayo, Agustín
Melo Niño, Lina Viviana
Cubero Juánez, Javier
Keywords: Educación para la Salud;Nutritional education;Institución Penitencial;Penal institution;Conocimientos Previos;Previous Knowledge
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Studies related to the habits of students of Nutrition and Sexuality show the existence of inaccurate knowledge that leads them to adopting unhealthy lifestyles. The team of teachers at a Penal Institution in Spain diagnosed this aforementioned lifestyle was becoming a reality in their students aged between 18 and 47. The aim of this research was to analyse and improve the Nutritional and Sexual knowledge of these students. The students’ level of knowledge was detected through a pre-test and post-test that were quantitatively designed and analysed according to four variables (studies, gender, age and body mass index). In order to improve their knowledge, an educational intervention was conducted and was quantitatively and qualitatively analysed according to six categories: change or improvement in sexual knowledge, change or improvement in nutritional knowledge, affective factors, the learning process, evaluation and methodology. The results show conceptual differences according to the four variables and that the intervention contributes to a conceptual change or improvement thanks to the activities and resources used. The implication of this research is to reveal the importance of analysing students’ knowledge so as to improve the quality of the teaching/learning process.
ISSN: 1648-3898
DOI: 10.33225/jbse/15.14.513
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