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Title: Markers of senescence are often associated with neuronal differentiation in the developing sensory systems
Authors: Mera Rodríguez, José Antonio de
Álvarez Hernán, Guadalupe
Gañán Presmanes, Yolanda
Solana Fajardo, Jorge
Martín Partido, Gervasio
Francisco Morcillo, Javier de
Rodríguez León, Joaquín María
Keywords: β-Galactosidase;Cell differentiation;Developmental cell senescence;Histochemistry;Olfactory epithelium;Sensory system;Vertebrate embryo;ß-galactosidasa;Diferenciación celular;Senescecia celular embrionaria;Histoquímica;Epitelio olfatorio;Sistema sensorial;Embrión vertebrado
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Sociedad Española de Histología e Ingeniería Tisular
Universidad de Murcia
Abstract: It has been shown that senescent cells accumulate in transient structures of the embryo that normally degenerate during tissue development. A collection of biomarkers is generally accepted to define senescence in embryonic tissues. The histochemical detection of β-galactosidase activity at pH 6.0 (β-gal-pH6) is the most widely used assay for cellular senescence. Immunohistochemical detection of common mediators of senescence which block cell cycle progression, including p16, p21, p63, p15 or p27, has also been used to characterize senescent cells in the embryo. However, the reliability of this techniques has been discussed in recent publications because non-senescent cells are also labelled during development. Indeed, increased levels of senescent markers promote differentiation over apoptosis in developing neurons, suggesting that machinery used for the establishment of cellular senescence is also involved in neuronal maturation. Notably, it has recently been argued that a comparable state of cellular senescence might be adopted by terminally differentiated neurons. The developing sensory systems provide excellent models for studying if canonical markers of senescence are associated with terminal neuronal differentiation
DOI: 10.14670/HH-18-549
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