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Title: Impact of volatile composition on the sensorial attributes of dried paprikas
Authors: Martín González, Alberto
Hernández León, Alejandro
Aranda Medina, Emilio
Casquete Palencia, Rocío
Velázquez Otero, María Rocío
Bartolomé García, Teresa Jesús
Córdoba Ramos, María Guía
Keywords: Pimentón;Paprika;Proceso de secado;Drying process;Compuestos volátiles;Volatile compounds
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Here we characterised the aroma of smoked, oven-dried, and sun-dried paprikas by sensorial evaluation and analysis of their volatile profiles. The sensorial panel defined smoked paprikas as having an intense, persistent, smoked odour and flavour and the highest acceptability. The oven-dried paprikas had a fruity odour and flavour related with aroma notes to fresh peppers. The sun-dried paprikas were associated with straw aromas and the worse valued. The chemical classes of volatile compounds also defined the paprika types. The smoked paprikas were richer in alcohols, phenols, pyrroles, and pyranones, whereas the oven-dried samples were characterised by their aldehydes and terpenes. The sun-dried paprikas had significantly lower amounts of odorant substances than the smoked and oven-dried paprikas. The intensity, persistence and smokiness descriptors (associated with smoked paprika) were positively associated with phenols and alcohols. Aldehydes were positively correlated with a fruity descriptor, which defined oven-dried paprikas, and negatively correlated with intensity, persistence, smokiness, toasted, and dried pepper descriptors. The descriptor straw, which defined sun-dried paprikas, was negatively correlated with alcohols, phenols, furans, and pyrroles
ISSN: 0963-9969
DOI: 10.1016/j.foodres.2017.07.068
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