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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Bounded normal generation is not equivalent to topological bounded normal generationDowerk, Philip A.; Le Maître, Françoise; Institut für Geometrie. Dresden, Germany; Université Paris Diderot. France
2019Browder essential approximate pseudospectrum and defect pseudospectrum on a Banach spaceAmmar, Aymen; Jeribi, Aref; Mahfoudhi, Kamel; University of Sfax. Tunisia
2019Characterizations of minimal hypersurfaces immersed in certain warped productsLima, Eudes L. de; Lima, Henrique F. de; Lima, Eraldo A.; Medeiros, Adriano A.; Universidade Federal de Campina Grande. Brasil; Universidade Federal da Paraíba. Brasil
2019Ideal operators and relative Godun setsDutta, S.; Jayanarayanan, C. R.; Khurana, D.; Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. India; Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad. India; Weizmann Institute of Science. Israel
2019Non-additive Lie centralizer of strictly upper triangular matricesAhmed, Driss Aiat Hadj
2019On self-circumferences in Minkowski planesGhandehari, Mostafa; Martini, Horst; University of Texas at Arlington.USA; Technische Universität Chemnitz (Deutschland)
2019Tetrahedral chains and a curious semigroupStewart, Ian; University of Warwick. United Kingdom
2019Upper and lower bounds for the difference between the weighted arithmetic and harmonic operator meansDragomir, S.S.; Victoria University. Australia; University of the Witwatersrand. South Africa